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hand engraved watches


At GenChron Watch Company we approach the art of fine watchmaking the old fashioned way.   We understand that there is no substitute for knowledge and skill and that each segment of the creative watchmakers process is equally as important as the next.

With this mindset we proudly present our first handmade custom Luxury wristwatch 'The Aventvs' (pronounced Aven-tus).

In many instances subtle accents and or minor mechanical enhancements can elevate a fine quality watch to a more exquisite Timepiece and this also applies to portions that are not readily visible.

Attractiveness is not only found upon a visual surface it is often where least expected, likened to a treasured principal that can sharply enhance overall beauty.

By this view we felt that our first custom bespoke wristwatch ought to contain some unique special feature, and a golden handmade dial inspired by the warm appeal of a bygone classical era felt appropriate.

The goal was to marry traditional old school finesse and beauty with classically modern contemporary styling.  The result is a wristwatch that can be worn in any occasion from the most formal event to everyday activities.

We feel that functionality, artistry, and style belong to the same canvas, after all when you truly love the watch you wear it is satisfying to know that it is perfectly suited to every affair.

With considerable planning in place and conceptual and final designs solidified, we pushed onwards onto the next phase that of seeing our dream become reality as a completed prestigious watch.

As lofty a goal as it initially appeared to be, the recipe of time, ambition, and sheer will to succeed wove together our first Luxury High End Wristwatch.

We wanted to approach watchmaking in a simple straight forward manner the old fashioned way where passion fuels wondrous endeavors.  We believe these qualities to be cornerstone essentials to excellence.  

Hand Engraving embellishes and elevates virtually all it adorns and a fine quality wristwatch is richly deserving of the finest quality hand engraving.

The 'Aventvs' is lavishly decorated inside and out, splendidly Hand Engraved to the Highest Exhibition Grade standards in Classical Victorian styling.

It is profusely engraved with the utmost attention to the finest detail.  Each engraving is unique with every incised line angled, gauged and specifically cut to sparkle brilliantly or by contrast cast natural shadow, each as individual as a painters brush stroke.

Because the process of creating such a fine wristwatch requires and enormous amount of time only a finite number of watches can be produced per year assuring quality comes first.

Creating our first watch has been an incredibly exciting learning adventure and what was once mere vision blossomed into fruition.   Moreover, it has been a rewarding and motivating experience driving our ambition forward to inspire many more wonderful creations.


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