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hand engraved watches

Company profile

GenChron Watch Company was founded in 2007 by John Vargas and Adone T. Pozzobon and is based in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida.  GenChron Watch Company was created on the premise of making High-End Ultra Luxury Bespoke Fine Art Timepieces, which are not only beautiful, but also functional and can be fully enjoyed like a sports watch.

Using only the finest materials and the finest exhibition grade hand engraving you ultimately have a Bespoke High-End Ultra Luxury Timepiece that can go from a white tie event to the office to any desired activity, without ever having to change your wristwatch.

The watchcases are designed to be 100 Meters water resistant.  The strap was designed to be water resistant to a 100 Meters as well and is sweat resistant and stain resistant.

The concept of creating a true High-End Ultra Luxury Bespoke Watch that was fully functional in any environment was born out of necessity of constantly having to change or chose a watch for a specific event.  With a GenChron watch, you do not have to choose; you just put the watch on and go without worry.

Customer service interaction receives the utmost in personal attention while creating a beautiful and unique custom wristwatch that the customer wants and deserves.  In addition, to creating luxurious Timepieces, the after sales service and customer support is extremely important, as we here at GenChron Watch Company want you to have a truly luxurious and interpersonal experience for as long as you own your GenChron Watch.


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